This Comedy short film was written and produced as a part of the 168 Film Project in 2014. During the speed film competition each producer has a week (168 hours aka 7 days) to film, edit and submit. The film must be based on the yearly theme (The Gift) and the assigned (picked) verse (Romans 12:8) given at the start of pre-production.

This short film was later included in the newly formed KidVid category for the competition. However, this film was actually produced during the speed time constraints of the competition, the verse was assigned/picked on the Verse Assignment Night and our film is slightly longer than the 5 minute time limit.

KidVids are stories for younger audiences. The producer chooses the age range for their film. Films may be live action, animations, musicals, or any genre appropriate to the target audience. As a non-speed film, production may start as soon as fees are paid. Producers will choose a foundational Bible verse related to the annual theme. Turn-in date is the same as Signature films. KidVids compete in their own category. Length: 5-minutes or less.

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